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Chris Nicholson
Review left Aug 27 2021
Shipment processed Aug 17 2021
$3,378.63 payout, $423.51 fees

Solid Experience


I'm moving to a new apartment and wanted to downsize my magic collection, and about three hours into sorting my collection and buylisting the cards myself I knew it was going to take me way to long to do myself (especially after the website I was using to grade my collection crashed and wiped my progress). That's when I looked for alternatives and found this service. The time frames were pretty accurate for what was expressed by the service online, and any part of the process that took longer than expected I was informed pretty quickly and what the new expectations were going to be. Overall value was a bit more than I expected and they saved me days worth of sorting, grading, and shipping I'd have to do on my own. Very much recommend if you have a ton of rares and mythics you have that you'd like to sell off.
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