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Steven Croy
Review left Dec 21 2022
Shipment processed Dec 10 2022
$740.51 payout, $30.86 fees

Read the FAQ, You will have the best expereince this way.


I recently sent my fourth or fifth sell order to Conduit and have finally followed every guideline and questions previously answered.
I expected to get almost exactly what I received this time around and very happy with how quick and easy the process is. The fact that someone is always ready to email me with answers to any questions I may have, is exactly what you want out of service like this.
I will warn potential sellers to check the validity of your cards. Not just the quality but the actual authenticity of the card. This was my first experience getting a card rejected and it is quite embarrassing.
All that being said If you follow the guidelines and send cards worth something in good shape using the "curated" service with direct "zelle" payment, well its an amazing service.
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