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Review left Jul 01 2021
Shipment processed Jun 26 2021
$411.28 payout, $58.13 fees

Excellent Customer Service


While the process is not fast, it's also not unreasonable either. It took about 8 days (including weekends) to process my shipment and 5 days (also including weekends) to get paid. Bare in mind that these folks are getting prices for your cards from their buyers.

I did end up having trouble with my payment (don't choose Zelle if your account is just associated with a debit card - Zelle doesn't like business accounts to debit card transactions) but I received one of the best customer service experiences from Nathaniel that I've ever had. They were quick, understanding, informative, and overall very pleasant to communicate with. They made sure that I received my payment as soon as the Zelle matter was settled.
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