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Katherine S.
Review left Jun 17 2021
Shipment processed Jun 11 2021
$5.76 payout, $14.96 fees

Met My Needs / Exceeded My Expectations


I have experimented with selling but disliked looking across multiple sites for the best available price AND disliked the grading process. Why bother to grade if the buyer is going to dispute or overrule anyway? I prefer selling to individuals but find postage to be cost prohibitive and keeping inventory maddening. Card Conduit solves these problems for me.

For this first shipment, I just put a bunch of extra cards in the box while working my collection and shipped it off. I used it as a learning opportunity. My next shipment will be just bulk, also a learning opportunity. Based on these tests, I believe the best options for me will be to split my shipments into Curated and Standard with Exclusions. The Price Check and Collection Estimate tools work well for deciding which box a card belongs.

Card Conduit is probably NOT the best option for anyone who likes and/or feels comfortable with grading and shopping around for the best place to sell a card. It works well for the rest of us. They do what they say they are going to do and they are upfront about everything if you bother to read through everything including the Terms.
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