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Michael McClaran
Review left Oct 02 2022
Shipment processed Sep 20 2022
$820.17 payout, $211.46 fees

A great card selling website for your collection


I find that cardconduit is a great website when I want to sell cards from my collection. They are a fast easy service. They have great communication and I do like their step by step updates while they are processing. Their payout is fair and arrives in a reasonable fashion. So far they are a good company to work with and I feel they are fair.

However, I have one major complaint. When I send in high value foils and/or high value cards and let me stress to you, when I open these cards…. I have opened a booster pack and immediately put any card I know is worth money into a sleeve and then put it into a binder, I don’t even play with them…. They seem to grade it as “played” to drop the value by half. I’ve had 3 shipments now and it’s been a pattern. I had a foil Ragavan that I opened and they said it was played. Even though it hadn’t been shuffled once. So that’s my only real complaint.

All and all, cardconduit is a good company with good employees that work hard. And I appreciate that they exist and make this easier for anyone trying to sell their cards in an orderly and efficient manner.

I would recommend this service.
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