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Review left Mar 24 2021
Shipment processed Feb 17 2021
$76.74 payout, $91.76 fees

Nothing special


I will say this upfront that I had 2600+ cards shipped in. It was irritating at first because they only told you the time frame it took for the next step of the process to be completed and not the entire process (it'll take 4 days to get from delivery address to sorting bins, it'll take 1 week to sort all the cards, etc) I wasn't aware of how long the entire process was which was roughly 3 weeks when it was all said and done. I had all of my cards self evaluated using tcgplayer scanner and estimated about $300+ I would've gotten selling them myself but only got $76 from card conduit. I understand they need to make a profit but that markdown seemed ridiculous. Communication during was great and I was able to look at any time to see where they were at on my cards and was on time.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Mar 25 2021

We're sorry your experience didn't match up with your expectations, but we very much appreciate your feedback. We'll do our best to address each of your concerns.

We try to clearly communicate our service timeframe in our terms and FAQ. The speed of processing for your shipment was fairly standard for us: 1 week to process the cards, and 1 additional week to issue payout. There were 2 days, according to our records/tracking, between delivery and when we marked it received/queued for processing, which is also fairly standard. We will see if there are opportunities to make this timeline clearer so everyone knows what to expect.

About your payout: We never like to see a shipment where the total payout is less than the total fees, as was the case in this situation. That always indicates a large amount of bulk (valueless) cards. In such cases, we strongly recommend our option to exclude commons from processing. You declined this option when you created your shipment, and even specifically commented that you did not want to exclude any items in your shipment notes. Unfortunately the ~1300 non-foil commons in your shipment only had about $6.45 in buylist value, far less than the fees required for our team to process all of those items.

Overall the complexion of your shipment was a little unique in that it was a large volume of low value cards. While the TCG retail value was around $300, it's not unusual for lower value items to have little or no buylist (wholesale) value, as was the case with many cards here. Keep in mind that bulk items that do not appear on vendor buylists appear to have some notable value on TCGPlayer, but unfortunately do not actually have value beyond typical bulk rates. This is due to minimum card values from people listing their cards for sale, taking into account both selling fees and cost to ship.
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