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Josh W
Review left Jan 20 2021
Shipment processed Oct 18 2020
$533.28 payout, $88.96 fees

Took a little longer than expected but was a good experience


Process was easy, was really impressed with the customer support. Had registered a shipment without committing to anything. Was contacted to see if I had questions and/or concerns. Was impressed with the level of professionalism I received so I sent in a test batch. The process of shipping was standard received notification that the shipment was received. Sorting and final results took a little longer than I was expecting but nothing to cause any extreme concerns. There may have been a weekend or a holiday in there when I did it. The one thing I wasn't expecting was the funding took a couple of extra days I would assume it's because they were waiting on funding from the other buylists. Overall it was a good experience and I've been debating about sending off another shipment. It is not a liquid process with submission and funding so if you're expecting a turnaround and funding within a week this may not be the route you should choose. However if you can have some patience and aren't concerned with a quick turnaround then by all means this was a much easier and painless process than selling cards individually or through ebay tcgplayer etc etc.
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