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of our Magic collection selling service

Review left Mar 04 2024
Shipment processed Feb 29 2024
$967.64 payout, $134.82 fees

Awesome Service!! Exceeding Expectations


At first, I was pretty skeptical about how user-friendly their system claimed to be. Honestly, it took me a bit of back-and-forth with their support team to get the hang of it. But, hats off to them, they were incredibly responsive and patient, exactly what I needed since I was looking for not just answers but a bit of emotional backing too. I ended up sending a medium-sized shipment (think Amazon box size) packed with 6 bundles of items plus wrapping, which cost me around 50 bucks. Before deciding to ship, I'd checked with three local stores, and none were willing to offer more than $50 for the lot. So, imagine my surprise when, after a two-week wait for processing, I get an email first thing this morning telling me I'm getting $950 back. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, honestly amazed.
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