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Cody Leporini
Review left Nov 10 2023
Shipment processed Oct 31 2023
$593.13 payout, $12.10 fees

Fast accurate and easy


I had been sitting on a couple of magic cards for a while. I know that I wanted to sell them but Facebook marketplace and Craigslist was not working out. I knew that selling cards I would not get market price but card conduit gave me pretty close to TCGplayer low which is what they state. It was easy to check how much I would get and clear instructions. Happy they did direct deposit which made it fast and easy. I did their sorted service which I did ~100 cards. Very manageable to sort them in a list. Shipped them and it took around a week to get the payment once they received it. If you are trying to get rid of cards highly suggest card conduit. If I was getting rid of my bulk their basic service seems pretty easy. My only wish is if you send a sorted service you get payment faster but to be fair it should also be first come first serve. Still going to use in the future.
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