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of our Magic collection selling service

Logan S.
Review left Nov 08 2023
Shipment processed Oct 23 2023
$3,611.43 payout, $73.70 fees

Fantastic Service and Value


I had been considering selling off the valuable parts of my collection for years, but the entire buylisting process was always a lot more effort than I could invest to get good value. After learning about CardConduit and their service, I felt like it was exactly the solution I needed. Each step of the process was straightforward and clearly explained, and at the end of it I received a single payout at a very reasonable valuation and minimal fees. I chose to put in a little effort and put together a Sorted Shipment to minimize the fees, but CardConduit's offering of different service tiers is really an incredible idea and a godsend if you can't deal with the pain of buylisting yourself. I will (and have already) wholeheartedly recommend CardConduit to others and would absolutely use the service again once my collection becomes a mess again.
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