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Review left Jun 09 2023
Shipment processed May 29 2023
$222.24 payout, $4.08 fees

Easy to use, wonderful transparency


The entire process from start to finish was very easy for me to navigate. One of the biggest anxieties I have when sending cards in is determining their quality, and the definitions of phrases like "lightly played" are different from one buy list to another. Card Conduit took that stress off and honestly, that was worth any extra I spent.

If you do 100 or less cards, their cheapest option is very feasible and shipping isn't even too expensive. I think the only other way I would have maximized my value would have been selling cards individually myself, but honestly, unless the cards you're selling are individually quite popular and fairly valuable, it's going to take you some time. If your time is valuable and you've got a solid amount of $5-$20 bulk lying around, Card Conduit is likely to serve you well.

Also, editing to add, but their communication was constant and clear throughout the process as well. I knew why I was getting the value I did, how long until they anticipated finishing, etc. It was great!
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