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Elizabeth H.
Review left Apr 27 2023
Shipment processed Apr 24 2023
$626.29 payout, $11.48 fees

Very responsive to emails paid more than LGS


As I really only play Esper, white, blue, black colors, I am selling my Red/Green mtg cards. I tried finding Local Game Stores to buy them but most were not buying bulk and when I took the list of sorted cards with values to one that would, they said the could only match 60% of Card Conduit’s quote! As I don’t use those colors all but 8 of the 116 cards were graded near mint. Also I didn’t know to mark four of the cards as date stamped which they caught and didn’t penalize me for them being wrongly “sorted”. Finally, I asked some questions by email and they were very responsive and even complemented me on my the quality of my cards. Very nice to work with. Will continue to send them my red and green mtg cards.
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