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Aaron Smith
Review left Apr 23 2023
Shipment processed Apr 13 2023
$1,702.72 payout, $34.75 fees

Excellent Service


This service was so easy to use and I received top value for my cards. Since I had not touched my Magic cards in years remembering set, rarity symbols, and colors would have been such a pain. Using the card catalog made the process so easy and quick. Talking about quick I thought the process would take so long. I took my time looking up each card for its worth, organizing per the handy org chart, packing, and finally shipping my cards. It took half the time I thought it would. After my shipment was sent I received emails constantly updating me on the current and next step my cards were at and going to. When I received my final shipment breakdown I was happy to see they were all graded and valued fairly and it only took a few days upon arriving at the processing center. I received my ACH transaction a few days later only because my bank takes a day longer to process those transactions. I highly recommend this service if your looking to get the best dollar amount for your cards.
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