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Derek Scott Knutsen-Frey
Review left Dec 06 2022
Shipment processed Nov 30 2022
$2,874.12 payout, $135.43 fees



For something like Card Conduit to exist, there needs to be a level of trust. Not only are there expensive physical objects involved, but their condition, which is subjective, greatly affects the value. There are also fees involved, so just piling up all your cards to ship to them is not advisable. Knowing all this up front, I still tried the service for about 2100 cards.

I sent my shipment in on a Friday and they received it the following Tuesday. Note that the shipments arrive at a postal service center that they have to pick up. Their clock doesn't start until they receive the shipment. So I am starting the timeframe from then.

Their process of sorting, grading, and valuing took until the following Wednesday (so 8 days). But give leeway for the Thanksgiving holiday. They send ACH payments over the weekend. I received my payout, in full, the following Tuesday. From start to money received it took 14 days.

The valuation of the cards made sense. Not what I hoped. But made sense. I do crazy things with Magic the Gathering. Namely playing with the cards. I know. Insane. Thus some of the cards came under mostly played and a few were valued as damaged. They explained why they were graded as such. And it was fair. You need to be realistic with your collection. Not everything will be near-mint.

I am a big proponent of good constant communication. Especially with a process like this that handles large dollar transactions. Card Conduit has some of the best communication I have ever seen. The dashboard follows the process step by step. It gives accurate estimates and the end reports are detailed and informative. I especially like the little touch of giving the top number of cards by artist. On the customer support side, I reached out with some questions. No issues. Just questions. They responded very quickly with good answers.
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