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Nicholas Haught
Review left May 30 2023
Shipment processed May 19 2023
$1,121.14 payout, $59.01 fees

Pretty Great


The process was easy, but it seemed that some of your numbers didn't match when I searched them and organized my shipment, it's not like there was major discrepancy, I didn't use these cards, but the ones I looked up that were marked at NM didn't match with your search, I don't know how fast you update the costs of cards but one I knew was the Shreodred there was a $5/ difference from when I looked up the price. This is my second shipment with Card Conduit. They are great and reliable and never felt like I have been underminded with price or quality. I really appreciate the service like this when I just want to get out. I would really like to see them expand and also take card holders, deck boxes, sleeves, things like that! I think a complete buyout like service for grabbing and collecting everything from someone trying to get out of Magic would be even better. I will continue to use this service when offloading a lot of cards I don't want to look at. I highly recommend to anyone using the service to min max and at least use the over $1 and under a $1 and being selective about what shipments you want them to consider common. Overall pretty great service :)
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