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Eulalio Pena Reyna
Review left Oct 17 2022
Shipment processed Oct 12 2022
$207.16 payout, $9.76 fees

Overall a great experience!


The process was very easy. You guys give great value for the cards, usually ranging from 50-90% of the price of what tcg sells cards for, sometimes even higher which is surprising. I would have given 5 stars and deservedly so, but I had sent a foreign Aetherflux reservoir which I assumed and was told would have been worth something, I was not expecting 3 cents for it. Apart from that I haven't had any negative experiences. This is my first time selling so if there's one thing I've learned and adjusted, it's the expectations of my card conditions and how much value I'm actually getting. I looked up each card and sent them with the hopes that they were all worth over a dollar but there were several cards I didn't receive a dollar for surprisingly. But like I said this is my first time selling. I will continue to use you guys in the future and will be sending you guys more cards soon! Thanks
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