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Great service
Review left Mar 20 2023
Shipment processed Mar 09 2023
$27.08 payout, $0.55 fees

Easy to sell your cards!


Easy to sell your cards. Prices are fair. Fast Payment. One thing that i don't like is having to pay a fee to sell my cards. Specially on the sorted package.

One thing that I was not aware is that prices of the submitted cards can drop before the order is fully processed. That caught me by surprise and I did not like that. But if you are ok with that risk then CardConduit continues to be one of the best websites to buylist my MTG cards.

I have done multiple deal with CardConduit so far. And I notice now that the downgrade of the cards has stopped that is +1 in my book. So if you hear the downgrading was an issue in the past that seems to be corrected!
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