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of our Magic collection selling service

Charles B.
Review left Oct 24 2022
Shipment processed Oct 12 2022
$4,723.27 payout, $251.72 fees

Solid service


I sent off a little over 3k cards. They sorted them within projected time and were responsive in giving updates on what phase my order was in. They additionally gave me a bonus of upgrading me to the curated service which saved me a decent chunk of money. The amount I recieved is around what I expected. Be reasonable on expectations they are providing a service to make money. If you are expecting top dollar go elsewhere, which they tell you in their own words on there page before you even place the order. I'm pleased with my experience and payout. If you have a bunch of bulk rares and mythics without time to go through and just want to trim down your collection I would recommend it.
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