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Michael Beauchemin
Review left Aug 09 2022
Shipment processed Aug 04 2022
$5,272.93 payout, $248.46 fees

Pure Awesomeness !!!!


CARD CONDUIT is legit !!!!
I had roughly give or take 45 sets of Magic cards.I looked everywhere and without putting in an overabundance of work was not able to find a place to give me the value that I wanted for my collection. I stumbled across Card Conduit online...I was apprehensive about mailing out rares and mythics to a place I knew nothing about.
After reading reviews and getting more info I decided to mail them my cards and they turned my cards into cash....I couldn't be happier with the service they provide.As I type this I have 4 more shipments headed their way....I highly recommend them as they communicate well and process shipments quickly....As you guys know it takes time to sort through Magic cards and these guys take the legwork out and do it for you ! Not only that... they provide you with a spreadsheet with the card values and highlights of the transaction. So glad I used them....GREAT EXPERIENCE.
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