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Benjamin C.
Review left Jan 25 2022
Shipment processed Jan 20 2022
$4,603.31 payout, $242.28 fees

Simple, fast, and fair


Simple: Package your cards and send them. The most you will have to do aside from a trip to the post office is de-sleeve your cards. The website has a great shipping guide that'll give recommendations on how to package your cards.

Fast: Like the website says - TL;DR give them about 2 weeks. From card delivery to receipt of payment it was 13 days for me.

Fair: When I got my report I was pleasantly surprised by how many cards were going for significantly above buylist price but there were a 2 or 3 (out of hundreds, mind you) that confused me in terms of how far below the buylist price they were going for. Nick from the Card Conduit team immediately replied to my query with a very detailed and helpful explanation that left me fully satisfied with their evaluation of the cards I had brought to his attention.

I can't say enough good things about this service but I don't think most people want to read an insanely long review. Could you get more money by individually buylisting your cards? Maybe. But what is your time worth to you? How many trips to the post office are you planning to make? How long do you want it to take to sell your collection? Do you understand the grading system of the dozens of major buyers out there? I truly believe that the team at Card Conduit made an exemplary effort finding the best deals for my cards because guess what -more money for you means more money for them. Simple as that.
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