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Josh N.
Review left Oct 20 2021
Shipment processed Oct 10 2021
$4,015.93 payout, No fees
*Fees were waived during a special promotion.

Amazing communication and customer service!


I stopped playing MTG a few years ago after being realllly into the game for a while and had a stack of cards sitting around collecting dust. I wasn't ready to completely exit the game, but I was ready to trim some of fat and start freeing up some space on my shelves.

I heard about CC and decided they would probably be the perfect option for me since I was willing to sort my cards a little but I'm too lazy to list and sell the cards individually on my own. I had an issue with the card name format on the collection estimate tool. Nick at Customer Service was quick to respond with an explanation of what happen and a work around.

After looking around the CC website I knew my cards weren't all NM/LP, so I expected my payout to be less than the total estimate. And that was the case. Which is perfectly reasonable to me.

The team stayed in communication with me throughout the process and was quick to respond to any questions I had. I will be recommending CC to any friend I have who is looking to sell cards for a reasonable price without having to do much work.
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