Card Conduit

The easiest way to sell your excess Magic cards

  1. Ship us your Magic cards.
  2. We sort them, assess condition, and sell to our network of buyers.
  3. You get the proceeds, less our fee.

Just Pack and Ship

Not sure what cards are in your box? That’s ok. We’ll sort and catalog all the cards you send, and provide a full report of our work.

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Our Fees

Our service costs $0.03/card plus 10% of the total assessed value.

Save on fees with the option to exclude cards like Basic Lands and/or Commons from processing and donate them to charity instead.

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Epic Customer Service

Created by the owners of Cardhoarder, we provide the same high level of customer service and integrity the Magic community has come to expect.

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Full Reporting and Transparency

We will catalog the cards you send and provide a detailed report that includes:

  • The name and set of each card
  • The wholesale value
  • Other criteria (condition, rarity)
  • Total amounts and fees
Spot-Check Our Prices:
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